Shawn Ross

Shawn is Director of Data Science and eResearch and Associate Professor of Ancient History and Archaeology at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia. Specialising in pre-classical Greece, his research interests include Greece in its wider context, trade and exchange, the rise (and fall) of complex societies, oral tradition, the integration of historical and archaeological evidence, and the applicaiton of IT to history and archaeology. Shawn contributes to the development of project methodology, administers project databases, co-supervises remote sensing, and leads pedestrian survey teams.

Adela Sobotkova

Adela is Associate Professor in Digital History at Aarhus University. Adela is a landscape archaeologist who combines pedestrian field survey with digital methods to study the long-term history of the Balkans with focus on the evolution of social complexity. More recently, she has been applying digital and non-destructive methods during the investigations of industrial landscapes in the Blue Mountains, NSW, and landscape change in Perachora, Greece. Adela manages the day-to-day operations of fieldwork, liaises with local partners, contributes to project methodology, administers data collection wiht FAIMS and project GIS, co-supervises remote sensing, and leads field teams.

Simon Connor

Simon is a geographer researching the long-term dynamics and diversity of terrestrial ecosystems. Simon is a fellow at the School of Culture, History & Language at Australian National University. He researches how plants and people migrated following the last glacial period, and how they interacted with climate change in the Caucasus, Mediterranean, Macaronesian and Australasian regions. Simon investigates the palaeoecology of the Tundzha region, primarily through palynology; he supervises collection of environmental samples and coordinates, and often performs laboratory analysis.

Andy Herries

Andy is Professor at the Department of Archaeology and History at La Trobe University. He is a field palaeoanthropologist who studies Human Origins as well as a geochronologist and geoarchaeologist that runs The Australian Archaeomagnetism Laboratory. His research interests include palaeolithic and neolithic archaeology, human evolution, archaeological science and geoarchaeology, archaeomagnetism, Quarternary palaeoclimate and environments, geochronology, and fire history. Andy coordinates manages archaeomagnetism research (for both dating and envirnomental study) at our project.

Ilija Iliev

Ilija Iliev is the former Director of the Historical Museum, Yambol. A specialist in Bulgarian prehistory, he has extensive field experience in the region, including excavations at the major Neolithic and Bronze Age site of Drama. Dr. Iliev has directed our activities in the Yambol region until 2011. He led field teams, contributed to all aspects of project planning and methodological development, and continues to consult for the project.

Todor Valchev

Todor is the Curator for Prehistory at the Historical Museum, Yambol. A specialist in Bulgarian prehistory, Todor manages excavations at prehistoric sites and landscape field research in Yambol. Todor supervises our activities in the Yambol region, leads field teams, and contributes to all aspects of project planning and methodological development.

Georgi Nehrizov

Dr. Nehrizov is a researcher and field archaeologist with the Archaeological Institute of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, specialising in Early Iron Age Thrace. He manages the Archaeological Map of Bulgaria, the national site register. His extensive fieldwork centres on the Eastern Rhodope Mountains and the Upper Tundzha. Dr. Nehrizov directs our activities in the Kazanlak region, leads field teams, and contributes to all aspects of project planning and methodological development.

Julia Tzvetkova

Dr. Tzvetkova is an Assistant Professor in Ancient History and Thracology at Sofia University "St. Kliment Ochridski". Her research interestes include the history of ancient Greece, the history of ancient Thrace, Ancient settlement patterns, numismatics, and the archaeology of the Early Iron Age and Classical eras. She leads field teams, manages GIS and assists with project planning and methodological development.

Elena Bozhinova

Elena is a Doctoral Candidate in Archaeology at the Sofia University. The topic of her dissertation is Chronology and Periodization of the Early Iron Age in Thrace. Her interests include the archaeology of Late Bronze Age and Early Iron Age as she focuses her research on the pottery development, the settlement pattern and phenomena that consider Thrace as an integrated part of the Eastern Mediterranean. With her experience in excavation, survey and multi-tasking, Elena functions as a pottery analyst, survey team leader and an excavation assistant director at the project.

Petra Janouchova

Petra is a postdoctoral researcher at the SDAM project in the Department of History and Classics at Aarhus University, Denmark. Her interests include epigraphy, archaeology, Greek imperialism, and Greco-Thracian relations. She applies a range of digital methods to these subjects. Petra is the digital systems administrator, teamleader, and overall project assistant at our project.

Barbora Weissova

Barbora is the scientific consultant at the Institute for Archaeological Sciences at Ruhr-Universit├Ąt in Bochum, Germany. Her interests span Thracian burial mounds and archaeology, art and history, GIS applications to archaeology. Bara works as a functions as team leader, GIS trainer and overall project assistant.